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Microsoft’s fast build release cadence has been working like a charm lately and the company is planning to maintain this approach for the Anniversary Update coming this summer, also known by every enthusiast as the Redstone update.

While everyone’s waiting for new builds, Microsoft’s Gabe Aul said that an Anniversary Update build will be released “soon” – the term that everyone in the Windows community has gotten used to given the fact that the software giant always promises to launch new stuff soon.

As far as the meaning of this “soon” promise is concerned this time, new builds are very likely to be shipped this week, as screenshots have already started reaching the web. Windows 10 Mobile build 14310, which could be the next version in the pipeline for insiders, was spotted at Build last week with new features, including Active Hours and custom restart times.

Anniversary Update builds already shipping
For the record, Windows 10 Anniversary Update builds are already available for insiders, as this is basically the Redstone update that’s scheduled to debut in the summer. Work on Redstone started in late 2015 and builds that are part of the rs1 branch are actually the eagerly-awaited Anniversary Update.

Most likely, Microsoft will ship the same Windows 10 build for both PCs and mobile devices, as the company tries to keep them in sync with each other. That was the case for the most recent builds and the chances are that it’ll keep updating all insiders at the same time in the future too.

So there you go, another Windows 10 preview build coming soon and with a little luck, today might be the day. But it all depends on the number of bugs and issues that Microsoft discovers in internal builds, so just don’t get your hopes too high right now. Builds will be ready when they’re ready.

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