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A malware distributor has decided to play a nasty prank by locking victim's computers before they can start Windows and then blaming the infection on two well-known and respected security researchers.

Over the past 24 hours, after downloading and installing software from what appears to be free software and crack sites, people suddenly find that they are locked out of their computer before Windows starts.

When locked out, the PC will display a message stating that they were infected by Vitali Kremez and MalwareHunterTeam, who are both well known malware and security researchers and have nothing to do with this malware.
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Malware Hunter
Both have been very active on twitter sharing interesting findings as quick writeups.
It wouldn't be a surprise if someone like Fabian Wosar is next in the list of honor, given the anti-ransomware work they've been up to :) Not that they haven't been challenged yet.


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This is more than just a prank.
* The affected systems are not bootable anymore, this is destruction
* Vitali is flooded with messages by users whose systems are infected (he said he got over 400 DMs). Some of them don't realize it wasn't Vitali who did this and unload their anger on him
It's a criminal act.