Recent Malware Infection
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I am one step up from Luddite status, and working on my desktop, trying to find ways to deal with looping fraudulent malware that claims all of my wife's laptop data is being sent to scammers, that she should call some phone number for assistance, etc. She asked me what to do when it popped up, I said turn the machine off. We turned it back on, and the loop is still running, so I'm trying to figure out if what I learn here via my machine can be implemented on a step by step basis on her laptop. Thanks in advance for help and advice. I haven't been able to find a search method to review the thousands of previous posts since I suspect I'm not the first person to deal with this type of issue. If someone can direct me to a previous thread, I am happy to follow those steps if that is the simplest way to deal with this. Again, the extent of my tech knowledge is when in doubt, turn it off and re-boot later, so coding or other more sophisticated work is not on my resume.


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Welcome to MT and please enjoy what you find here. If your wife's machine still has issues you may post your problem in one of the Malware Removal Assistance threads after reviewing the appropriate thread posting rules. Hope you can find any help you need! (y)