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Hi, I am new to MalwareTips and hope to increase my knowledge about internet security generally from more experienced members. Hope this post is in correct place if not please advise where to move it to.
I only use PC mainly for general browsing and internet banking and its here where I need a bit of advice right now. I have been using Kaspersky IS and my subscription is about to finish in a couple of days. I've had a couple of problems with Kaspersky Safe Money where payment has not gone through and am looking to try an alternative - thinking maybe F-Secure. Also wonder if having a good AV program and adding something like Heimdal will give me enough secusrity for banking online. Would very much appreciate any recommendations/advice.


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1. Unlimited Giveaway - Symantec Endpoint Unmanaged without time limit
( Totally free Symantec endpoint security with a good firewall)
2.Windows defender with hard configurator or configure defender
(Download - Hard_Configurator
Update - ConfigureDefender utility for Windows 10)
3. For online security and ads blocking use NextDNS
All of the above are free products and will give you protection at par with any paid av products.
post your configuration here so that we can help you further (Computer Security Configuration)

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Hard_Configurator + AV with web protection (also Windows Defender with ConfigureDefender HIGH preset) would be OK if you are an advanced user. Some Ad protection is welcome too.

For most users, something like KIS with SafeMoney or BIS with Safe Pay will be the best solution. You can look at the Banking Protection tests, for example:

Another possibility is Windows Defender (with ConfigureDefender HIGH preset) and Heimdal Thor Foresight Home.

If you are not a happy-clicker, do not install many applications, and can use Standard Used Account (SUA) for daily work, then you can use Admin Account with Edge only for banking.
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I recommend Bitdefender free. Good well rounded anti-virus for free, light on system, no adds bloats/bloatware.

Also, if you are an intermediate PC user... Avira free (signatures+privacy) with Comodo Firewall (a few small changes) is a light and a brick wall protection for a PC.


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I would recommend Eset Internet Security. My review of Eset can be found here:

Main pros are:
  • Light and fast, performance impact is hardly noticeable without using benchmark utilities.
  • Highly-effective and multi-layered.
  • Highly configurable with a vast number of settings, which Eset has documented properly.
  • New features are being added frequently.
  • Focused on security with no bloatware, tools with questionable efficacy or frequent alerts and pop-ups.
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I am sorry you have problems with Kaspersky, it's my AV and I don't even think about changing him.

Butt if I have to choose another protection suite, I will go for the Bitdefender solution because F-secure don't have a built-in firewall.


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I've been with F_secure for the last three months. Very easy to use and light on my system. You don't have to change the settings to get a good protection. You can protect a few more folders against ransomware and that's it. With F-Secure Safe, you don't need another security app to complement your security. It comes with banking protection and good web extensions. F-Secure Antivirus is more basic. I would go with the Safe version.
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