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How It Works
  • NewsGuard’s trained journalists assess news websites for credibility and transparency.
  • We assign each news website a red or green rating—indicating its trustworthiness.
  • Our free browser plugin displays NewsGuard ratings next to news links.
Our team of trained journalists and experienced editors is rating and reviewing thousands of news and information websites based on nine journalistic criteria—such as whether the site regularly publishes false content, reveals conflicts of interest, discloses financing, or publicly corrects reporting errors.

We use humans, not algorithms.
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Get Extension:

The software giant has partnered with NewsGuard to provide warnings in its Edge browser for iOS and Android, and this functionality has been added this week as an optional setting. NewsGuard was founded by journalists Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, and rates sites based on a variety of criteria including their use of deceptive headlines, whether they repeatedly publish false content, and transparency regarding ownership and financing.
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