Level 61
hi everyone--

Just wanted to let you know that Norton AntiVirus 12 and Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac are now on sale on the Norton eStore.

You can check out the specific product pages here:

Norton Internet Security: http://us.norton.com/macintosh/internet-security/

Norton Antivirus: http://us.norton.com/macintosh/antivirus/

Key features includes:

- Mac OS X 10.7 support, and since only 1 in 6 Mac users are running 10.7, we are including the older versions of NAV and NIS on the disk image as well.

- Updated UI for NAV 12 and NIS 5

- Updated scan engines, tweaks to specific features (more auto-disk scan, for example--we now scan files on external volumes when files are opened)

- Norton Internet Security now includes Norton Safe Web, which supports Firefox 4,5, 6 and 7. Due to signficant changes in Safari 5.1, we have to retool both our phishing protection and Norton Safe Web and are working on a patch to address this. We've also included a Facebook wall scanner, which will scan your Facebook wall for suspicious and malicious URLs.

We are very excited about these products and are looking forward to hearing what you think about them. These new products will provide a strong foundation for us to build on, and includes a new licensing system which will make it much easier to manage your subscriptions and does away with all of the upgrade frustrations users have experienced in the past--basically, if you have a valid suscription, you'll get all product updates--even major versions--as part of the subscription.

This has been a long time coming (the new licensing system was a major effort, over two years in the making), and we hope you like the new products. As always, please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Thanks for all your support, encouragement, feedback and patience.