Norton vs AVG vs Kaspersky?

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  • AVG Internet Security - Unlimited 2019

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I have a need to buy an IS package for the whole family for PCs with windows and androids.

I need the package to offer great protection, be lightweight, have a customizable firewall (although to a small extent).
As for the androids, I need functions such as website filtering (firefox), device location and remote reset / blocking.

At the moment I am thinking about:

Norton, Kaspersky`m, AVG

I will be grateful for your help


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Kaspersky is the strongest of the three (at least for Windows). Also, I have a great experience with it on my dad's laptop, and would absolutely recommend it.
Since you want Android support too, I would recommend you to look for the most feature rich of the three, which I believe to be Norton, although I never tried it, so can't really give any feedback.
With any of those, if well tweaked, I think you'll be greatly satisfied. Also, make sure to check Bitdefender, which is one of my favorites too.


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Thank for replies :)
I Test Norton now. I`m impressed of clean GUI, no impact for system and features for android. Weeb filtering is very good in both cases.
I like firewall of Norton for windows.
I`ll try Kaspersky and make at decision.
Guys what about avast? its good for simple user


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Avoid Avast IMO.

Norton has a great firewall. One of the few remaining suites with what amounts to a good firewall and I still consider a good firewall on a suite to be an important layer. If you are impressed with Norton, I'd stick with it. Kaspersky is good, if you trust them as a company then you can't go wrong there. But Norton is going to feel lighter and happier IMO.. :)


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I bought Norton Internet Security Deluxe + Norton VPN at Media Markt for only €25,00. It’s about zl 100, but i gues cheaper because in Holland everything is more expensive, as in Poland.

Norton with a few setting tweaks and you have good protection. I only don’t like the browsers plug-ins and other crap they push to install. But you can switch it off.


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I tested Norton now and i like it ;)
Arcabit/MKS_Vir Great software! Looking for security only on windows they are one of the best security against malware or ransoms.
Why no? It`s simple. They don`t offer some important features for me on android.
I wanna all in one for whole family. One account, one subsscription and one tech support.


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kaspersky is russian. russia made cyber attacks on the USA and other european countries. they may make one on you through kaspersky.

norton did poorly in the malware hub.

g-data did well in the malware hub. i would pick g-data.


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low L!fe

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Without prejudice to my favorite program
Order from the strongest to the weakest :
1- Norton

Better: Kaspersky and ESET