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We have released Norton Password Manager 6.3 for Android customers.

Note: This release is being done in a phased manner.

The FAQ's below addresses some common questions:

1. What is the version number for this patch?

Norton Password Manager for Android

2. How can I receive this update?

To receive the update, simply visit Norton Password Manager on Google Play. Go to Settings -> Help -> About to verify if you have received the update

3. What are the changes in this build?

  • Reset Password - Support to reset NPW vault password by making use of Fingerprint from Android device, if users have forgotten it.
  • Password Meter - Helps users to create strong passwords by providing strength meter based on the latest guidelines and recommendations. Allows long passphrases and rejects well-known passwords and easily-guessable passwords.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

4. Where can I post my queries?

Visit our Other Mobile Products forum to post your queries.
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