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We are happy to introduce Norton Privacy Manager 1.0 for Desktop!

Norton Privacy Manager helps you manage, control and keep private the information you share online. Create online accounts with Sudo virtual profiles including email and browse online without exposing your personal information.

Gain greater peace of mind-worry less about hacked credit cards and data breaches with the features of Norton Privacy Manager:

  • Virtual Profiles - Create multiple profiles each with unique contact and other information specific to that profile’s collection of online tasks
  • Password Manager - Create, store, and access the passwords you use and associate them with each of your unique profiles
  • Private Browsing - Surf the web with confidence by using an anonymous search engine and an ad/tracker blocker
  • Virtual Private Network - Prevent the information you share with websites from being seen by others
  • Private Communications - App-to-app encrypted emails under most settings

Note: This product is currently available ONLY in United States and Canada.

For more information, visit Norton Privacy Manager FAQ page.

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So what is this? Is at a standalone app or extension for browser?
How I can get it for test?