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Norton Security 7.1 & Norton AntiVirus 7.1 for Mac is now Available!

We have completed testing our latest update of Norton Security 7.1 & Norton AntiVirus 7.1 for Mac and have released the update via LiveUpdate. This update is now available in all supported languages. To download it, simply run LiveUpdate.

Note: A reboot is required to apply the patch.

To verify you have received the new update, from the Norton Security product, from the Menu, click Norton Security -> About Norton Security.

Below FAQ's addresses some common questions:

1. How can I download this update?

For Norton Security 7.0 run LiveUpdate manually to receive the update 7.1. You can also download Norton Security 7.1 directly from
Norton Portal:
For Norton Antivirus 7.0, update available only via Live Updates.

2. What are the languages this update is available for?

All supported languages.

3. Changes/Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where Quick Menu icon is barely visible when "Use dark menu and dock" is enabled in system prefs Link
  • Resolved an issue where Application Blocking does not retain allowed or blocked Apps Link
  • Alert "An unknown service port (Port xxx) is starting on your mac." keeps popping up continuously issue addressed Link
  • Fixed an issue where LiveUpdate does not complete when run from Norton interface
  • Fixed "Server error: We're working to resolve an issue that prevents us from completing your request. Try again later (-6)" appears while activating Norton
  • "Norton needs to add the Norton Security Extension to Chrome" appears on every launch of Chrome issue fixed
  • Fixed : Error: Scan and Live Update at Risk issue
  • Other bug fixes & performance improvements

Source: Norton Security 7.1 & Norton AntiVirus 7.1 for Mac is now Available!