Level 8

Norton is coming back with a very secure 2019 web-based version via artificial intelligence.
Indeed, Symantec, the American company that develops Norton, offers us a completely revised software.
Even though the software, in appearance, has not changed too much, the company has updated its shields and strengthened its anti-exploit shields.
On detection, it's a success, Norton is very responsive and protects the machine very effectively. Threats are detected and removed quickly.
On infected files, Norton does not disappoint and achieves a very good detection rate. We regret that it is relatively slow to scan and delete during an analysis.

But, some bad points:
Its anti-phishing protection is very indented, not evolved enough, is satisfied that a simple extension (which is at the limit of a bar of tool) and not enough pro-active.
The software is quite slow in scanning and deleting infected files.
Although his SONAR is very good, he has not stopped the actions of our malware.
Aside from these missteps, Norton is an excellent antivirus that we highly recommend!


Level 43
If only Norton would solve the connectivity with their server error that plagues a significant number of people that try to use it. I would say I get that error 50% of the time I install it, even outside of my own network on other peoples systems.

Absolutely incredible considering the bug goes back to 2009ish.

Mahesh Sudula

Level 16
Malware Tester
Norton is back with Anti phishing and heuristic analysis. Perfect score !
Web blocking is very responsive against malicious domains too.

Cons: Too cost for a single user