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We are happy to introduce Norton UWP app for Windows 10S!

This app is available to Windows 10S customers from the MSFT App Store.

1. What are the features of Norton UWP app?

Some of the features include:

  • Device (Network) Security – Detects and notifies when the device is connected to an unsecure Wi-Fi or when malicious traffic is detected. This will also prompt the user to enable its Secure VPN feature.
  • Secure VPN– Encrypts the connection end-to-end by masking the IP address and location.
  • Norton Safe Web – Offers Safe Web extension support for Edge browser. Includes Safe Search, Anti-Phishing, and Safe Web features.
  • Norton Password Manager – Offers Norton Password Manager vault extension support for Edge browser.

2. What's the version number?

Norton UWP 1.2

3. What countries is the product available in?

Currently, the product is available only in the US.

4. What are the operating system requirements?

Microsoft Windows 10 in S mode (32-bit or 64-bit or ARM32) version 1803 and above.

5. How do I download this app?

To download a copy on your Windows 10S machine in US, search for Norton Security on the MSFT App Store.

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For more information, visit Norton UWP Install FAQ page.