Battle Norton vs F-secure vs KSC

What's next?

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Software comparison
Norton Antivirus Plus
F-Secure Safe or Internet Security
KSC Free
Feature comparison
  1. Impact on hardware performance
  2. Internet protection (web filtering, anti-phishing, anti-spam, browser extension)
  3. Proactive protection (anti-exploit, behavior blocker, IDS-HIPS, sandbox)
  4. Ransomware protection
  5. My privacy (GDPR, data handling, privacy policies)


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Jul 7, 2021

I just bought a norton antivirus plus (box) for ~8€ from a nearby store. I couldn't resist this Black Friday offer.:rolleyes: I'm weak. :LOL:
I tried 5 years ago and it was buggy and heavy, ruined my system. How good is it nowadays?
I'm using F-Secure SAFE right now on my laptop but my license going to end within few weeks.
What do you think?
I need a problem free and good AV what not slowing down my laptop (especially when i use on battery).


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Jun 24, 2016


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Jul 26, 2012
I have a Norton lifelock subscription for one year and using it from time to time (It's installed on snapshot-rollback rx). It's very light on my system, has great detection rates, alot of shields and would recommend over f-secure anytime (f-secure lacks, or so I figured, a good network shield, meaning a firewall, traffic analyzer, IDS, brute force attacks- please correct me if I'm wrong, I like to find out new thngs everyday).
The only issue I found using Norton is it's VPN- I can't rely on it, because sometimes it says it can't connect.