Review Nortons Customer support - The good the bad and the What ?

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Have you also had an experance with support staff ? it could be another vendor let me know below

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Customer support of Nortons Internet security 2015 22.54.24
The remote assistance feature is a great idea i have to admit they were very quick as i didnt have to wait very long both times that i had remote sessions. also the support assistance's were polite.
they have many different options to contact them.

was going to offer me a refund on my software. but as i only have 2 months left for my subscription im not eligible :(
inexperience - one operator was on my machine 3 min's before he locked himself and me out of the machine and didnt call me back to let me know he gave up.

not willing to believe other products could find a problem that their software dismissed.

dismissed the failure of windows update and Norton update as not an issue

while scanning my system the software found a suspected issue but the operator decided to ignore it even know it has no manufacturer or signature details


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Oct 4, 2015
Bottom Line
The Idea is great however it needs to be executed a bit better im sure there are some really experienced people on support unfortunately i feel i didnt get them for my support experience.
nortons has served me well for years and is a good product but i feel if your going to call your product Internet security and offer the service it should be equipped with better tools in the support office.
so this review was actually a genuine support call from me to nortons and only really reviews the support staff not the software due to my lack of knowledge needed to do a correct review of the software

The background - internet dropping out sluggish computer lead me to believe i have an issue. security showing protected and up to date, windows up to date. full scans showing nothing. TDSS finds multiple suspicious files after a bios flash.

1 restore, 2 formats and a bios flash. i believed i had won the battle, security is up windows is updating. how wrong i was after a reboot bam everything was down again who ever or whatever it is i decided im over my head and need help.

In comes support Guy 1

i explain the issue i have had and also what i have tried i am told to sit back relax and watch what he is doing while he repairs my computer.
straight to regedit to change a key informs me we have to restart the computer but he will automatically reconnect when machine loads.

i am feeling confident that my troubles are over im in good hands. Hmmmm system boots up its at log in screen but nothing happens i wasent told to login i give it 2 minutes their was no harddrive activity so i decied i must have to login. log in my mouse it taken control of by someone the screen is black and a message in the centre saying something along the lines of you are not authorized to perform this function (i didnt take a photo of it) support guy 1 clicks the close window cross and back comes the login screen. i wait a few minutes nothing so i login again same thing happens. this time i wait 5 minutes i think well i was told to watch so i log in same thing mouse is taken over login comes back up. i go about doing a few jobs around the house 30mins later i decide to log in again same screen and message but no-one takes control of my mouse. little did i know that was the last i would see of support guy 1.

so i decied to try to switch to the inbuilt administrator account however windows states account not active.

i jump on my smart phone and back to the support page log another case 1 min later the Chat loads and in comes support guy 2.

first thing i ask is if they could check to see if Support Guy 1 was still in my machine. his reply i can see the case but there is no logs or information left i am asked if i am on the machine so they can remote in i explain the issue again support guy 2 said he can only help if he has access so i suggest i do a restore.

computer boots and i activate the support session - no registry this time straight to power eraser but not with the rootkit scan option on even after i told him some how my bios was upgraded to a version above what my computer has as the manufacturers latest current version.

Scanner finds a suspicious file but it is not removed i am told its normal. and that i have nothing to worry about my computer is safe.

12:17 PM Support Guy 2: (my name) I can see the PC is safe from threats.
12:17 PM Me: hi have a look at the logs i did last night on c:\
12:19 PM Me: im 90% sure its back in mate try to do a update of windows or install nortons
12:20 PM Me: the folder that i opened is the quarantined viruses they were picked up by another scanner
12:21 PM Me: also viewpoint i am pretty sure is the source
12:21 PM Support Guy 2: Those detected programs is part of your system.
12:21 PM Me: why are they unsigned >?
12:21 PM Support Guy 2: The tools you're running have it's own way of detecing threats on the Pc.
12:21 PM Support Guy 2: I'm not sure about that.
12:22 PM Me: ok so why cant i get nortons to run on my machine
12:22 PM Support Guy 2: Do you mean you can't install Norton?

i showed him some logs from TDSS killer and also the location of the quarinteened files it found also that the computer says its up to date but the logs tell a different story. i show him i cant even get the windows servie packs to work the guy was nice enough to inform me that service packs SP1 for example are not distributed by windows update huh ???? - see extract below

12:35 PM Me: why is windows saying its updated
12:35 PM Me: but i dont even have sp1
12:36 PM Support Guy 2: Updating Windows will not acquire the Service pack.
12:36 PM Support Guy 2: It has to be manually downloaded.
12:36 PM Me: excuse me ?
12:36 PM Support Guy 2: Let me check your Norton account if it's eligible for a refund.
12:36 PM Me: sp1 and sp2 are both part of the windows update s
12:37 PM Me: look thanks for help but i understand you can only see what your product sees

Norton as a product i have always trusted and relied on to keep me safe and still is a good product in my opinion however i had to mark the software a score of 2 due to the iD10t error i received from the support line.

I believe i got this nasty from my 13 yr old stepson who decided to upgrade to windows 10 ( different computer on our home network) and not install nortons.

Hopefully if you do need help one day Support guy 1 & 2 have already moved on to licking windows 10. and you will get the support you need.

i have attache the log of Support Guy 2 to this message.

hopefully you enjoyed the Review dont forget to vote below if you have had any experance with software support.



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May 16, 2011
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You cant really review a support center since everytime you have a different operator with various level of skills having to deal different issues.

Most of them are not even ITs, just using a automated procedure via their computer.

You cant judge it from one or two calls.

Not saying that most of those support centers are in poorer countries. (India, africa, etc...)


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Oct 4, 2015
You cant really review a support center since everytime you have a different operator with various level of skills having to deal different issues.

Most of them are not even ITs, just using a automated procedure via their computer.

You cant judge it from one or two calls.

Not saying that most of those support centers are in poorer countries. (India, africa, etc...)
Hey Umbra I agree with what your saying I use to be in software support for solidworks however If I ever received a case that was over my head I use to ask for help from a senior support member. I would expect a company such as nortons to have higher level tech's available to help the less skilled techs when they need it.

Similar to how things work on this forum.

I alway say it's better to be honest then to bs and lead someone a stray.

The review was based on my experience with the staff on the day and is my opinion of that day.


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Mar 15, 2011
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Sometimes its better to go on those highly experience users who are straightforward to fix the issues, cause in tech support there are instances that it may turn more complications than its expectations.
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Feb 13, 2017
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I haven't used Norton's customer support but I have experience of similar situations with my ISP, the specific technical support because of my work, etc.
Quoting a phrase from a famous movie, and modifying it for our context: "customer support is like a chocolates box, you never know who you can find inside"


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Jan 8, 2011
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They don't remove your Norton Account even if you get your support ticket escalated. Happened a few years ago.