Operating System
Android 9
Device model
Moto7 power
Current issues and symptoms
Apps that say they are from playstore when I click info and hit playstore link says not found?
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
None yet


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Apps removed from the Google Play Store will show the Not Found message.

Did you try opening the Google Play Store and manually searching for the App(s)? Were the apps pre-installed or did you previously download them? Are they Apps that can be found outside of the Google Play Store?


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No I guess they are pre install ed. I had a phone, an Alcatel completely taken over, and I switched to I phone, then it was taken....and I couldn't replace it so I bought this one. I think the malware came with it. I am noticing more and more of the funny android head apps, and I notice that I am having a lot of blank screens and glitches in apps loading. Nothing seems to be downloading to my phone as I am constantly having to redownload when I want to open something. Uuuugggghhhhh.
I will go and manually look at the playstore now and report back my findings.
Thank you for your response.


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Do you see the second hand in the clock? It has never been there before and it is moving not like a clock, but kind of like as if the second hand was stuck and is trying to move. It is under my screen and is weird. All my icons are changing to not quite right ...almost right, but off a little like they are photos of icon....help I bought an infected phone.


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Did you buy your Android phone brand new, boxed and sealed?

If Android is troublesome, just switch back to iPhone.


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Just factory reset it and you are good to go, everything should be back to normal. The best part about Android is flexibility, power, and over the top configuration including the ability to side-load APK's without rooting. So a lot of people load custom launchers and other stuff on their phones. Always best to wipe it and start anew.
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Thanks for replying. I bought it brand new in the box.....

Could you please look at my programs running and tell me I am not paranoid.....

I really feel my phone is being hacked.

I've attached them here.

I couldn't afford an I phone....this was 400. An iPhone was 1200. ...I scraped to get the one I had...."DAMN YOU BURGLARER"....

I like this phone, just have troubles with hacking take overs....

See for yourself....


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