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NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro v3.0 has been released:

[17-03-2014] v3.0.0.0
+ Improved detection of new processes using a kernel-mode driver
+ Detects code executed by using thread local storage (TLS) callbacks (thanks to Fabian Wosar and Liviu Itoafa for their PoC)
+ Do not show balloon hints when the PC is booted and the protection is enabled
+ Added option "Password protect disabling of real-time protection"
+ Remember the last enabled Protection Mode when ERP is closed
+ Optimized the loading of blacklist and whitelists when the PC is booted
+ Updated the menu Help -> Online Help File
+ Added option "View commandline string" in the popupmenu of Events/CommandLine tab
+ Removed completely whitelist commandline that used MD5 hash
+ Optimized the graphical user interface, settings window and prompt dialog
+ Simplified the configuration wizard
+ Merged the "Trusted Folders" tab with "Path Comparison" tab
+ Minor fixes and optimizations

Download link for stable
Anti-Executable & Application Control Software, EXE Radar Pro | NoVirusThanks

Download link for Beta:


This is a small tool useful to merge the command-line strings that used the MD5 hash with the wildcard-enabled strings:

Usage is pretty simple:
1) Close ERP
2) Run ERPCmdLineMerger.exe
3) Click the button
4) Close ERPCmdLineMerger.exe
5) Open ERP

The auto-updater should work fine, make sure to disable the other security software (or handle their alerts correctly) for a clean installation of the new version.
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Hmm seems I misunderstood....


Is this the latest build...? Is there a direct standalone download link?
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Am I correct in thinking that NVTE is not recommended for use with VPN's, or have I misunderstood the warning? ''Do not use a proxy or tunnel with EXERadar.exe''


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IS this "EXERadar_Pro_x86_x64_v3.1_22042015_BUILD1" the updated one?

I look through the NVT webpage and realised both (mine and the one displayed on the webpage) have different interface. Some tabs were not there.


The last time I checked - about 6 months ago - the developer was busy with Smart Object Blocker.

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i think we can forget ERP, im sure SOB will take over when Andreas will conclude his contract


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Ok. Yea I saw that right after I left this thread. xD
I thought it is EOL because I never got answer of email and the discussion here.
EDIT: OK I got an answer
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