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    NoVirusThanks has just released a new tool. Here's my short summary of its capabilities. It has 2 modes, namely "lockdown" and "behavioral"

    1. Lockdown
    Lockdown mode is similar to Exe Radar Pro's lockdown mode, but on steroids. Basically, while Exe radar pro is simply an anti-executable, this software is capable of bringing the application whitelisting concept to drivers and dlls for a far more complete protection. (ERP is only able to control executables and not dlls and drivers.)

    2. Behavioral Mode
    Well basically, this mode allows you to write your own behavioral AV to the level of protection you want. Examples of such a rule is given by NVT: "You can block, for example, the web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) from executing unsigned processes or unsigned dlls, thus preventing exploit kits from executing the payload." Another example is blocking double extensions.

    Overall, I think that this is an extremely exciting software, but there are still bugs here and there since its still so new. But definitely something to monitor

    Original Post from NVT on wilders:
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    will wait a GUI version lol
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    Yeah. There's not much we can see in the gui and the rules creation need some getting used to. But it's a great software complement. If I could iron out the kinks in my trial I will keep it :)
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