Oct 4, 2017
Operating System
Windows 7
Dear Experts,

i have 2 laptops (1- Z570 Windows 7 and Z580 windows 8.1) i replace the 2 hard disks with each other
the hard disk of the z580 laptop is working fine on the first laptop z570

but the first hard disk z570 doesn't work on the second laptop z580, i got a black screen without any access

i tried NOVO button in z580, i powered off the laptop then i press the novo button and i got the menu , i can navigate the 4 options of the menu but i can't choose any of the option (Normal or BIOS or boot or recovery)
i tried to press ENTER or F1 to F12 or FN+F1 to FN+F12 but without any response !!

please can you help me to know
1- why i couldn't access BIOS or any choice from NOVO button ?
2- how can i solve the problem of the hard disk cause the other disk is working fine in laptop z570 but the opposite doesn't work
any solutions please to let this hard disk (w7) work on z580
thank you
Nov 8, 2014
Operating System
Windows 10
Windows Defender
You need to download Lenovo Recovery Tool and follow the procedure to create W10 media on separate hidden partition.
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