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Aug 13, 2012
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Windows 10
Windows Defender
Hello, friends!
It is two different programs ( Antivirus and Vault). They have very interesting functions, I consider therefore, that they necessarily must be presented here on a forum. Especially surely look at the program NQ Mobile Vault, but with it be accurate, don't forget the password, then not to restore it.

NQ Mobile Security - Whether you’re working or playing, NQ Mobile’s advanced security features have got you covered. Features: Anti-virus, Privacy,Safe Browsing,Optimization,Anti-Theft. Google Play
NQ Mobile Vault for iPhone and Android. Features:
- App Lock (Android only). Facebook, Wechat, Email, Skype, Line, Tango…any apps you choose to lock will be protected with a password.
- Hide Photos & Videos. They’ll be hidden and only viewable in Vault when the correct password is entered.
- Hide SMS & Contacts (Android only). Messages and call logs from private contacts will be hidden from the phone screen. Vault also hides all incoming message alerts and text messages from those contacts.
-Private Chat (iOS only). Add a Facebook friend to your Vault and have private chats away from the Facebook crowd.
-Cloud Backup. Back up your Vault files to NQ’s cloud space.
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