Will you join the boycott?

  • Yes, I will boycott NVIDIA and/or its GPP Partners.

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  • No, I will not boycott NVIDIA or its GPP Partners.

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  • Maybe, I do not know yet.

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Source: NVIDIA GPP Opposition Grows, HP & Dell Refuse to Join, Intel Considering Legal Action
NVIDIA’s highly controversial and allegedly anti-competitive GeForce Partner Program is being met with significant opposition from the world’s largest PC makers, HP & Dell, Kyle Bennett reports. This news comes after a report earlier last month revealed that NVIDIA had been courting the biggest three names in the graphics card add-in-board market, Asus, MSI & Gigabyte to join the GPP.

The program allegedly requires that partners align their gaming brands exclusively with NVIDIA, effectively pushing AMD out of the PC gaming market. Companies that choose not to sign up are allegedly denied “high-effort engineering engagements — early tech engagement — launch partner status — game bundling — sales rebate programs — social media and PR support — marketing reports “ in addition to priority GPU supply by NVIDIA, putting them at a crippling competitive disadvantage.

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