O&O DeskInfo: display system information on the Windows desktop


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Aug 17, 2014

"O&O DeskInfo is a free application by the German software company O&O Software GMBH. The application displays system information on the desktop when it is run."
O&O DeskInfo has a download size of just 1 Megabyte and installs quickly because of that. The application displays two options on first start, one of which is selected by default. The app warns of unknown USB devices that are connected to the PC it runs on by default, and users may enable the autostart with Windows options.

O&O DeskInfo lists system information in a sidebar that is aligned to the right by default. The information that it displays by default includes the operating system name, version and build, the user and machine name, information about the processor, RAM and system type, CPU and RAM utilization, the IP address, and local drive information. The data is refreshed regularly.

A right-click on the system tray icon of the program displays a number of options. You may switch the display of information to full or minimal. Full adds more information to the listing, including information about the GPU, connection type, IPv6 address, DNS servers and network activity.

Options to align the sidebar display to the left side instead are provided. You may also change the appearance by modifying text and button colors, fonts or the opacity of the sidebar. A click on the label hides the sidebar on the screen, another displays it again.

Other options include changing the interface language from English to German or French, pausing the auto-updating of the data, changing the update frequency from normal to fast or slow, and to enable always on top mode for the interface.

Information can be copied to the Clipboard at any time using the context menu.
Closing Words

O&O DiskInfo is a handy program for some users and maybe also for IT-related activities. Users see important information, such as the username, IP address or operating system version right away. Some may like the display of resource usage, including network usage, that the app provides.

The program ran fine on a Windows 10 version 21H1 installation. O&O makes no mention of system requirements on the application's website. It should run fine on Windows 10 and 11 devices, but it is not clear if it will run on previous versions of Windows as well.