Ending Soon OkayFreedom VPN Premium - Free 1 Year License

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Terms of supply
- The offer is valid only for VPN users of OkayFreedom.
- This is a one-year license for one Windows device. For personal use only.
- Subscription includes unlimited traffic with no speed limits.
- No free technical support


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May 4, 2019
Get free unlimited traffic for 1 year for OkayFreedom VPN - a simple VPN service for Windows that allows you to anonymously and without restrictions visit websites on the Internet.
The OkayFreedom VPN service provides the following features:
-Access to blocked sites in your country
-Use all your favorite websites when abroad.
- Reliable access to the Internet, even with public Wi-Fi hotspots
- Anonymous use of the Internet
-Protect your online privacy
- OkayFreedom VPN
To get a free Premium code, follow these steps:

1. Go to the promotion page (in German).

2. Enter your email address in the web form provided.

3. The registration confirmation will be sent to the indicated email address. After confirming the registration, you will receive a premium code.