Site of promotion
OkFreedom VPN token
To receive the free Premium code, follow these steps:

1. Go to the promotion page (in German).

2. Enter your email address in the submitted webform.

3. A confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address. After confirming the registration, you will receive a premium code.
4. After installation, go to the notification area and right-click the context menu on the OkayFreedom VPN icon.

5. Click License Management Menu ...> Enter the serial number and enter the premium code received by email.

The token gives you the opportunity to get unlimited traffic for free to use the one-year-old OkayFreedom VPN service for one year.


Level 9
Get an unlimited number of free one-year visits to the OkayFreedom VPN - a simple Windows VPN service that lets you access websites anonymously and without restrictions
The OkayFreedom VPN service provides the following features:

Access blocked sites in your country
Use all of your favorite websites when you're abroad.
Trusted access to the Internet, even using public Wi-Fi hotspots
Anonymous use of the Internet
Protect your privacy online
Terms of Offer *

- The offer is valid only for new OkayFreedom VPN users.

, This is a one-year license for a single Windows-based device. For personal use only.

Unlimited subscription includes unlimited traffic without speed limits.

- There is no free technical support


Staff member
does it have a kill switch or to block net access if okayfreedom is not connected to internet???
Does OkayFreedom VPN have a killswitch? No.
The biggest absence in the OkayFreedom system is a kill switch. The lack of a kill switch means that this service wouldn't be suitable for those who live in countries with repressive regimes and/or irregular internet service. In these circumstances, a brief IP leak could be enough to get a visitor to restricted sites in trouble with the authorities.
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Level 1
Good VPN service, but there is a difficulty with deactivating the license. To deactivate, you must correct the registry. Once activated a license for 5 GB/month.and then barely preactivated unlimited.


Level 1
Request information.
At what point begins the action of the license. Of receipt or from the date of activation?