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OnePlus has announced new details of its Concept One smartphone, a prototype device that the company will be unveiling in full at CES 2020 next week.
The Chinese phonemaker has been teasing the Concept One since December, with some speculating that it could be the firm’s first foldable. But the actual unveil is a bit less exciting, with OnePlus tweeting that the main features of the Concept One will include an “invisible camera” array on the rear of the device and “color-shifting glass technology.”



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I like how a popup camera allows for an uninterrupted display. Since I never use the front facing camera, I appreciate an all screen device. I do agree that a popup mechanism is just another thing that can break down the road.

Then again, I'm someone who doesn't mind having a little bezel so I can grip my phone comfortably without worrying about accidentally touching the screen. I think the Note 9 vs Note 10 design is a great example. I prefer the Note 9's bezel over the Note 10's hole punch.