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Feb 26, 2021
Most of the apps I got from Ashampoo have popups that ask me to buy other stuff or buy a higher version. This happens all the time for me.

Interesting. I run Office 9 and PDF Pro 3 and have yet to see anything like that.


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Aug 17, 2014
ONLYOFFICE Docs 8.1 released: full-featured PDF Editor, Slide Master, improved RTL, enhanced collaboration in sheets, and more



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Aug 17, 2014

OnlyOffice 8.1.1​

New features​

All Editors​

  • In the image upload filters, the TIFF format is added


All Editors​

  • Fixed saving the selected theme after removing the application with data cleaning and a new installation (Linux)
  • Fixed crash of the application when launching, if reconnection via RDP occurs (Windows)
  • Fixed mixed up icons of shortcuts for creating a Document/Spreadsheet in the Start menu (MSI package) #1627
  • Added an item for creating a new PDF form to the application context menu (Linux)
  • Fixed missing Image button in the SmartArt objects of the Picture type
  • Fixed work of the highlight-toolbar-tab-underline parameter in the custom themes

Document Editor​

  • Active header and footer editing mode is no longer taken into consideration in the print preview #1623
  • Fixed crash when applying an autocorrect command in an expression
  • Fixed crash when copying or cutting an image pasted from the clipboard
  • Fixed crash when pasting a copied list using Keep text only
  • Fixed crash when moving autoshape
  • Fixed crash in TextShaper when using composite input
  • Fixed scroll to target when updating the position of a view port in collaborative editing #2428
  • Added the ability to prevent scrolling to the current position when performing any action
  • Fixed review types for added paragraphs
  • Fixed missing the current change in review when receiving spellcheck variants
  • Fixed the recalculation of the document when changing the autohyphenation option
  • Fixed spaces when converting table to text
  • Fixed an issue with collecting related levels for the current numbering level
  • Added table to track revisions check when adding new table or new row to the table
  • Fixed an issue with simple text paste when track revisions is turned on
  • Fixed freeze when moving through review changes
  • Implemented display/accept/reject for review change of a table cell
  • Fixed an issue with accepting/rejecting review changes inside a block-level sdt #2669
  • Fixed an issue with recalculating table
  • Fixed clearing table cells before moving them
  • Fixed cursor moving down when selected table cells
  • Fixed display of images when opening some DOCX files
  • Fixed an issue with reading numbering properties in styles and refactor using AscWord.NumPr class
  • Fixed clearing the text properties for an inline-level sdt and merge method for TextPr
  • Fixed incorrect display of autoshape shadow transparency when the No Fill option is activated
  • Fixed display of non-printing characters when opening some DOCX files in the viewing mode

Spreadsheet Editor​

  • Fixed crash in TextShaper after replacing the entered text in the autoshape
  • Fixed crash for some usages of the IMPORTRANGE formula
  • Fixed incorrect formula conversion when using a link to a file
  • Fixed crash when opening some XLSX files #2782
  • Fixed inserting an empty column after moving a column with data #2499
  • Fixed changing line height after applying Merge and Wrap Text, if the text extends the cell boundaries
  • Colors of row and column headers when hovering the cursor now correspond to color schemes
  • Fixed formula calculation if there is an intersection with a formatted table #1558
  • Fixed formula calculation if they contain named ranges
  • Fixed creating named ranges in languages with ligatures
  • Fixed applying a number format when calculating a formula in the total row of a formatted table
  • Fixed display of shadow of objects after scrolling a sheet
  • Fixed updating of the IMPORTRANGE formula arguments after updating external links

Presentation Editor​

  • Fixed crash after applying Reset slide in certain PPTX files
  • Fixed crash after copying a slide in the Normal mode and pasting in the Slide Master mode
  • Fixed crash when opening the Notes and handouts insertion menu
  • Fixed the issue with weak characters in RTL at the end of the line
  • Fixed presence of the Insert image from file / Insert image from URL buttons for SmartArt objects of the Picture type in the Master Slide mode
  • Fixed the issue: formatting on layouts in the Add Slides button is displayed after the changes are made again in the Slide Master mode
  • Fixed display of the name when inserting a Table placeholder
  • Fixed applying a theme to the added slide
  • Fixed display of a comment when switching to the Slide Master mode
  • Fixed the size of placeholders on layouts after removing placeholders on the parent layout and applying Duplicate Slide Master
  • Fixed work of the Play/Pause buttons in the viewing window in the Slideshow mode
  • Fixed layering of objects when they are grouped when opening some PPTX files #2573
  • Fixed work of internal hyperlinks when using the Next Slide parameters
  • Fixed work of Enter / Space / Arrow Right / Arrow Left keys in the Slideshow mode
  • Fixed reset of object selection after copying using Drag-and-drop
  • Fixed display of shadow in the Slideshow mode
  • Fixed duplicating Slide Master when moving it using Drag-and-drop in the Slides tab
  • Fixed display of text formatting applied on the parent layout
  • Fixed incorrect date indication in Header and Footer
  • Fixed applying Background theme after creating a custom theme via Slide settings and using the Apply to All Slides option
  • Fixed display of custom theme layout when opening some PPTX files
  • Fixed marker overlapping when moving it along the Animation Pane timeline


  • Fixed creating a new form via the File menu on macOS
  • Fixed crash when filling in fields in some forms #2768
  • Prevent a checkbox from toggling when moving it
  • Fixed the conversion of a fixed form to an inline
  • Improved finding anchor position around inline forms
  • Fixed the ability to change data in fields when submitting the form

PDF Editor​

  • Fixed printing PDF files from a cloud provider
  • Changed the default tool from Hand to Selection
  • Added the ability to disable the mini panel when selecting text in Advanced Settings
  • Fixed crash when opening some PDF files
  • Fixed crash after several deletions of pages and insertion of a graphic element
  • Fixed crash when removing table rows when editing some PDF files
  • Fixed stopping work of the editor after exiting without saving changes
  • Fixed crash when moving around a table using Tab
  • Fixed crash when opening Page Thumbnails in some PDF files
  • Fixed highlighting of hyperlinks when opening PDF files
  • Fixed work of composite input in comments
  • Fixed filling with color instead of image when opening some PDF files
  • Fixed work of Undo after changing the text orientation in the PDF file
  • Fixed transparency of a Watermark when opening some PDF files
  • Fixed offset of the Select toolbar when selecting words in some PDF files
  • Fixed text content loss when opening some PDF files
  • Fixed the Text box content loss after exporting the PDF file
  • Fixed saving objects located after a link


  • Fixed crash when converting some XLS files to XLSB
  • Fixed crash when exporting DOCX documents, containing autoshapes, to HTML
  • Fixed crash when opening some DOC and DOCX files
  • Fixed crash when converting some XLSM files to XLSB
  • Fixed stopping work of the editor when opening some XLSX files, containing EMF images
  • Fixed compliance with the PDF/A format after exporting a DOCX document
  • Fixed an error when opening in third-party editors the XLSX file obtained when converting XLSB
  • Fixed text loss in SVG images after exporting the DOCX document to a different format
  • Fixed display of presentation theme after exporting some PPTX to PDF/A
  • Fixed the "Decimal" and "Use 1000 separator" options loss when exporting XLSX to ODS #821


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