Opensuse: My new Linux Distrobution

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Jun 18, 2011
Opensuse 11.4 is my new linux Distrobution. It is very professional looking and run buy Novell. Open suse has YaST a wonderful tool:

Look at all the Security Features (security sections, and apparmor).
It also has Backup and restore!
Opensuse also has the open build service, which is like Ubuntu's ppa system only it works on many distros. Also it has susestudio were you can make your own custom distros.


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Feb 28, 2011
I really like OpenSUSE. :)

Unlike some distros, the KDE implementation feels very solid on 11.4. It also has more frequent updates than many distros, which tends to make me feel like development is very active.


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Feb 28, 2011
Actually OpenSUSE was the reason I gave up on Linux many years ago. A kernel update made it impossible to use my SATA drives. This happened right after I changed the chipset cooler to a passive heatsink because the old one, which featured active cooling, broke.

Ofc this gave me quite a scare. I fiddled with a few boot options and it could see the disks but performance was horrid. Went to XP and haven't looked back until Ubuntu 10.04.

Now I can' really test it because the kernel it uses is even older than Natty's and expect to have even more trouble with my new P67 mobo.

Maybe I'll stick it in a VM.
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