Opera 11.50.1027 Beta

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Apr 19, 2011
The most full-featured Internet power tool on the market, Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a few clicks of the mouse. Opera is designed with your life in mind. The day is short and productivity is essential, so let the Opera Web browser help you tackle your 'to do' list.

New and improved features
Code name

    -Opera 11.50 beta uses "Swordfish" as its code name.

Opera Presto 2.8 rendering engine

    -Opera 11.50 beta uses the latest version of the Opera Presto 2.8 rendering engine.

Opera Next

-Opera Next is a stand-alone installation of the Opera desktop browser intended for testing the development of new features, technologies, and improvements.

    -It is automatically updated to include the latest changes as they become available.
    -Important note: Pre-release builds may be unstable and include known issues, such as crashes or data loss situations.
    See: What is Opera Next?

Opera Link: Password synchronization

-The most requested feature for Opera Link is password synchronization.

    -You can enable it when you set up link for the first time or in the Synchronization Options dialog.

Speed Dial extensions

-Speed Dial extensions are like small web pages embedded in your Speed Dial powered by Opera's extension framework.

    -They allow developers to make live previews of web pages or other nice decorations for your Speed Dial.
    -The Add Speed Dial dialog now promotes Speed Dial extensions, and the way Speed Dial extensions are shown in the extensions manager has been improved.
    -You can also install the same Speed Dial extension more than once.
    -See: Opera Extensions API: Speed Dial guide
    -See: Creating Opera Speed Dial Extensions
    -See: Extensions - in Speed Dial!

Web specifications support

-Opera 11.50 beta incorporates web specifications added up to and including -Opera Presto 2.8 core-integration-point 158. For further reference please see:

    Web specifications support in Opera


    -Improved deep nesting of the quotes property.
    -See: W3C CSS 2.1 Section 12.3: Quotation marks

DOM event handling

    -Updated the list of DOM events visible on window, document and element objects.
    -Events supported by Opera and part of the Window interface of the HTML standard are now exposed on the window object.
    -Events supported by Opera and part of the HTMLDocument interface are now exposed on the HTML document object.
            onstorage has been removed.
    - Events supported by Opera and part of the HTMLElement interface are exposed on all elements, unless the events are form specific, in which case they remain visible only on form elements.
    -See: HTML5 elements, attributes, and APIs support in Opera Presto 2.8
    -See: W3C HTML5 Section 3.1.1: Documents in the DOM
    -See: W3C HTML5 Section 3.2.2: Elements in the DOM
    -See: W3C HTML5 Section 5.2: The Window object

HTML5 datalist element

    -Added support for datalist.
    -See: HTML5 elements, attributes, and APIs support in Opera Presto 2.8
    -See: W3C HTML5 Section 4.10.10: The datalist element

HTML5 Session history and navigation

    -Added support for the history interface.
    -See: HTML5 Session History and Navigation support in Opera Presto 2.8
    -See: W3C HTML5 Section 5.4: Session history and navigation

HTML5 and SVG classList attribute

    -Enabled the classList attribute for HTML and SVG elements.
    -See: HTML5 elements, attributes, and APIs support in Opera Presto 2.8
    -See: W3C HTML5 Section The class attribute

HTML5 <time> element

    -Implemented the HTML5 <time> element.
    -See: W3C HTML5 Section 4.6.10: The time element.
    -See: W3C HTML5 Section 10.4.17: The time element

Opera Widgets specification

    -Default widget size has been overridden from 100x100 to 300x300.
    -See: Opera Widgets specification

Selectors API

    -Implemented Element.oMatchesSelector.
    -Prefixed implementation of the Element interface .matchesSelector method with "o".
        Note: The refNodes parameter is not supported.
       -See: W3C Selectors API Level 2.

Get this at http://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1150b1/int/Opera_Next_1150b1_int_Setup.exe
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