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Opera is a Web browser that offers lots of features to let you take advantage of today's Web. Opera's interface combines precision and quality. Integrating modern style with powerful features, Opera gives you the freedom to truly open the web and explore. Surf the Web at lightning speed. Protect yourself against Internet threats.

Download: Opera 25.0.1614.50 | 30.4 MB (Freeware)
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Improvements since Opera 24:
  • Stability enhancements.
  • Enhanced support for Chromium extensions.
  • Memory and loading improvements for the start page.
  • Fixes and enhancements for how Opera handles HiDPI video and MP3 audio.
  • Network installation for Mac.
  • Enhancement for the Opera tile icon on Windows 8.
  • Visual bookmarks
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I have quit using Opera because it precaches the entire web (I swear it tries) and you can't turn off that feature.

I am used to opening multiple tabs for reference when I'm working, and Opera was always busy in the background, precaching thousands of links I might click on...

What a shame, it's an excellent browser if not for that. But they already added the full address bar display a few builds back, so, maybe they'll add an option for precaching too, who knows?


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I have IE, Mozila and some months back installed Opera, now with the latest one, v25, I can not ask more.
Opera is faster than IE, Moila, very smooth scrolling web pages, IE, Mozila struggling in this view.
The only thing that is not working, the flash player, I can not watch on-line using flash player, yes, the add on it is installed and enabled, i just do not get why is not working.


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i want to ask all of you if you if there is going to be a 64bit version of opera? thanks in advance for your answers
p.s.:i am talking about the new version not opera 12


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ehh its okay. its nice they tried to add bookmarks back but imo the way they do it sucks. first there is no customization of the bookmarks really at all. also they NEED to add a bookmarks button back at the top. the fact i have ti either open a whole new page or go to speed dial first before i can even see them is stupid. i want to be able to click the icon and see the bookmarks, and why the need to have them take up so much room in the bookmarks section. even when changing it to list view imo its still very disorganized feeling. otherwise its pretty nice still needs work though. i used to use opera and im hoping this will at some point become a more stable browser instead of always having major issues that never got fixed.