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Opera 67 has entered the beta stage with features that help you manage a large number of tabs. Keep on reading to see what we’ve been working on.

A pop-up visual tab-cycler

We’ve implemented a pop-up visual tab-cycler to give you quick access to your open tabs.

Using Ctrl+Tab you’ll get a clear visual of your open tabs – up to 5 thumbnails side by side – and be able to cycle through them.

Sidebar setup panel

The Sidebar settings menu has been replaced with a new panel which is opened from the three-dot icon at the bottom of your sidebar. The new panel is well-organized – making workspace and sidebar management more comfortable and intuitive. For starters, you are now able to edit or remove all of the sidebar elements individually. Starting from the top, you can customize your workspaces by adding, removing, showing or hiding them. Also, all of the messengers are now listed.

In the Special Features group you’ll find Opera’s features like My Flow, Instant Search and Crypto Wallet. Opera Tools is the last category, with browser management areas like History, Downloads and Extensions. History and Bookmarks can now be configured to be opened from either the sidebar panel or the full-page menu.

Highlight duplicate tabs on hover

This last feature will be helpful when you have many tabs open and some of them have the same address. When hovering over a tab, any inactive tab in the same window and workspace which has the same address is displayed. After releasing this feature in the developer stream you’ve suggested changing the color of the highlighted tabs – we’re working on this new design and will update the changes soon.

Improved login process for Opera Synchronization

Opera Synchronization lets you synchronize your bookmarks, passwords and other Opera settings between your various Opera browsers. In Opera 67 you can now test the new login process – from a new site in a separate tab.

We believe this should make it simpler for new users to join the service or to retrieve a backup when starting Opera on a new machine. The new authentication site makes the steps for signing up easier to follow, and you’re free to interrupt and resume the process using all the usual tools you have at your disposal when browsing sites in Opera.

For more details, see the full changelog.

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Source: Opera 67 beta - Blog | Opera Desktop