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Opera Beta 46.0.2597.6
The release of Opera 45, codenamed Reborn, has generated huge interest, marking a big step forward in the development of our browser. We continue the UI redesign project with Opera 46 that has just landed in the beta channel, and it comes packed with tons of tweaks and fixes.

Reborn continues
The Opera UI redesign process keeps on going as we’ve added several tweaks, new icons and layout improvements. Here are the most important changes:

  • A new icon for start page customization
  • Speed Dial is now dark when wallpapers are disabled and dark theme is enabled
  • ‘View in bookmarks’ button appears in bookmarks pop up if the page has been added already
  • It’s now easier to move a window if multiple tabs are opened on macOS. The clickable area between the new tab plus button and the tab menu button got slightly bigger.
  • Sound notifications are now turned on when the sidebar is unpinned
  • When importing bookmarks, items from the bookmark bar will appear in Opera’s bookmark bar
  • Macbook touchbar users can enjoy an emoji-enabled input field
New backgrounds

This beta release comes with a little something extra if you’re looking for the full Reborn experience. To complement Opera’s new look and feel, we have partnered with top industry artists Umberto Daina and Feridun Akgüngör to create a custom set of fresh, cool backgrounds.

VPN improvements
Also, Opera 46 comes with important fixes for the out of memory bug when using our built-in VPN and for another nasty crash that might appear during startup.

Still, you might notice some problems while using our VPN. Since more and more new users are trying Opera after the Reborn launch, our VPN usage has quadrupled. We are working hard to add more servers to accommodate the demand.

The list of fixes in Opera 46 is quite lengthy. Below we have highlighted the most important ones:

  • We fixed the issue of when sync was enabled, the Tabs menu item was missing in the navbar
  • Addressed the misbehaving tooltips, both in normal and private mode
  • Video pop out fix for Amazon Prime
  • Fixed issue when the video pop out button was displayed in cases when it shouldn’t
  • Seeking quickly through videos could stall playback [Windows]
  • Opera pins itself back to the taskbar after being launched [Windows]
  • Fixed the fullscreen video issue with 1px line at the bottom [Windows]
  • We have removed the space from the tab bar when a window is not maximized [Linux]
  • Several audio and video changes, including a fix for a nasty memory leak
  • Ad block improvement and support for tag names
Support for animated PNG
Opera now supports animated PNG, or APNG for short. APNG is a file format that works similarly to GIF. The difference is that APNG is smaller and supports both 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency. It has become quite popular recently, particularly since Apple adopted the APNG file format for iOS 10 iMessage apps.

Watch the APNG demo and learn more about this format.

Under the hood
This new beta version comes with updated Chromium (59.0.3071.26) and enabled expensive background tabs throttling (opera://flags/#background-tab-throttling-max-delay-30s). This technology reduces the processing power required for background tabs and improves battery life and browsing performance. Try it out yourself with this background timer throttling demo.

Enjoy browsing with Opera 46, and stay tuned for more Reborn improvements this summer.

Chrome 59 will fully support animated PNGs
Animated PNG - Chrome Platform Status
Chrome Platform Status

The changelog contains full list of changes.
Download: Index of /pub/opera-beta/46.0.2597.6/


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I've always been a huge fan of Opera, but my mouse keeps hovering over the uninstall button.

First the drop of everything that made Opera stand out by becoming a Chrome clone, then the sell-out to China, now I have to suffer this:


Why do I have to deal with one of the greatest data spies on earth as soon as I open my settings? Did I ask for it? No. Can I turn it off? No.
Could they have asked me politely during the upgrade if I'm interested in installing an API for Facebook or WhatsApp at all?
Yes, but that was too much to ask I reckon… o_O
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