Operation Bakovia - Romanian Police Arrest 5 People for Spreading CTB Locker and Cerber Ransomware

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    Quote : " Under Operation Bakovia—a major global police operation conducted by Europol, the FBI and law enforcement agencies from Romanian, Dutch, and the UK—raided six houses in East Romania and made five arrests, Europol said on Wednesday.

    Authorities have seized a significant amount of hard drives, external storage, laptops, cryptocurrency mining devices, numerous documents and hundreds of SIM cards during the raid.

    One thing to note is that all of the five suspects were not arrested for developing or maintaining the infamous ransomware strains, but for allegedly spreading CTB Locker and Cerber. "

    Bad Boys Bad Boys!
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    Glad to hear ,hope the punishment matches the crime
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    Really hope the same and glad to see some genuine arrests instead of just read about server shutdowns but why the heck do they even open the door? Could be a modern securitydoor as those are very though to break through and might be the reson why we don't see any common tools for a forced entry and one can clearly see the peephole in the door. Haveing that kind of machine setup as shown in the video and not any sort of surveillance outside or perhaps they had ( cameras, pay of the neighbours so they warn or disturb if a big group like this suddenly appear etc ) or a deadman switch of any kind that would burn/block all the harddrives in a few seconds is just plain stupid but that's pretty obvious as all it took was a knock/ring on the door and...