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A new ransomware named OphionLocker has been released that encrypts your data using Elliptical Curve Cryptography and then ransoms it for approximately 1 bitcoin. First discovered by Trojan7Sec, this ransomware is currently being distributed via hacked websites utilizing exploit kits. If a user visits one of these sites with a computer that has outdated software, the exploit kit will exploit vulnerabilities and install the ransomware. According to Trojan7Sec, the ransom amount varies between countries where the victim is located, with United States being the most expensive at 1 bitcoin.

OphionLocker Alert

When you are infected with this malware it will generate a unique hardware id based on the serial number of the first hard drive, the motherboard's serial number, and other information. It will then contact the malware's TOR site and check if this particular hardware ID has been encrypted already. Using the open source Crypto++ library, OphionLocker will then proceed to encrypt your data with Elliptical Curve Cryptographyany. The data files it will encrypt have the following extensions:

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Ahhh, the elliptical curve cryptography is back! I remember hearing about it when critoni came out. Now more so it is important to have layers and layers of protection. I for myself am not taking any chances and using AV, anti-malware, instant restore software.