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Currently I use Emsisoft Internet Security with a customs hosts file for surf protection. I took this hosts file from xda-developers MotherOfAllAdBlocking, it's a bit too aggressive so I am editiong out some blocked site from it while I browse. Alongside Emsisoft IS I use Zemana Antilogger.
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I would like to suggest for your backup solution Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper both have a good free and reliable version. ;)

Also you could add Emsisoft Emergency Kit as a extra on demand scanner.

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Update Windows 7 to SP1 if you didnt.

Replace emsisoft OA , it is obsolete now, its technology is too old. I was a big fan too.

Comodo is the closest replacement.


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Consider an adblocker for your browsers: Either for Ublock or Adguard extension.

Then you may install CCleaner with CCEnhancer for cleaning tool maintenance.

For scanners, put the following two on your USB for the meantime and use in case of heavy infection. You may add ESET Online Scanner, MBAM and Hitman Pro.


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Definitely uninstall OA even if you use Windows firewall until you find a replacement.
Actually EAV & Windows Firewall is not a bad combination and you could add Sandboxie to your config.
CCleaner or Privazer
Consider some type of backup solution
HTTPS Everywhere & uBlock Origin in FF