Level 26
Hello, I have Bitdefender Total Security and OSAmor as my security defense. But is Syshardener better or are they even comparable, What security solutions do you have?:confused:
SysHardener: one-time tool to automate OS tweaks.
OSArmor: No-Prompt Anti-Executable (opposed to classic non-SRP default-deny softs which prompt the user).

Both can be used together (despite some of their options overlap).
Unlike OSA, SH doesn't monitor anything nor is real time, it's just an OS tweaking tool. You select the options and click, and you never use it anymore (unless you want change stuff).
Personally, Sysharderner is the first 3rd party tool i use on a clean installed system.


Level 2
OSarmor wasn't bad. I used it for a while and no problems. Syshardener, to my inexperienced eye looked like a recipe for disaster if I started checking the available boxes. I had visions of an unusable computer with no way to fix it other than via backup. I have done just that with other programs in the past. If there's an empty box in a program, I've got to put a check in it to see what happens.


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I use OSArmor because it blocks 'live off the land' type attacks that uses Windows own executables. I checkmark every option including the experimental ones and have never experienced a problem. Good tool - never knew so many Windows own programs can be abused.