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The US should be doing more to help victims and tackle cyber-criminals, says Fabian Wosar, head of cyber-security company Emsisoft, which has donated more decryption tools to the project than anyone else.

Mr Wosar told BBC News: "Projects like No More Ransom have been crucial when it comes to fighting ransomware on a global level, with pretty much all major parties cooperating on a global and daily basis, sharing intel[igence] in real-time - except for the US.

Security expert Fabian Wosar is in hiding after costing ransomware authors hundreds of millions of dollars since 2012
The German-born IT security expert was even forced to move countries to outrun his pursuers and he continually shifts from location to location in London to outrun an estimated 100 ransomware gangs trying to track him down.
He moved again just a few days before speaking with Micky.

For anybody new or not familiar with our Emsisoft friend --



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People underestimate the danger in security, cybersecurity, counter-intel, and other fields. There are people actively searching you out, and you don't have to be famous, you just have to cause enough trouble for enough people, or the right people, and you are in their cross hairs.

A few guys I know in the field have had serious levels of harassment, and some pretty advanced technology utilized to harass them. Most of us are ghosts now as a result of this and I would suggest that anyone with even a remote chance of making the wrong government, corporation or cartel angry take some precautions. I'm a ghost because it's a necessity at this point, and Fabian clearly needs to become a ghost.

Some guys at Dr. Web got firebombed if I recall.

A few guys I know, including Mr. Koret has run into big trouble, same with Michael Wood. Folks at some pretty big cybersecurity labs had what most would deem 'extreme' levels of hacking, harassment and at times physical intimidation. I know one guy that moved to an isolated home in the Philippines to escape some serious threats and was given an early retirement to do it by the security firm he worked for.