Palit tells customers to avoid second hand graphics card used for mining


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Nov 10, 2017
In brief: With the crypto mining craze settling, listings of used graphics cards have started to flood second-hand product resellers. Pricing of these tends to be more attractive than buying the same graphics card new, but according to Taiwanese-based hardware maker Palit, the risk of getting a damaged graphics card is not worth it.

With Ethereum hovering around $2,300 per token and difficulty back to more than 7.0P, crypto-currency mining isn't as profitable as it was earlier this year. Mineable crypto alternatives are not much better than Ethereum, leading miners to sell some of their cards to recoup costs.

Most listings originate from the Chinese government crackdown on miners, but a quick look at eBay also shows that there's also a decent amount of used graphics cards listed. Some of them may not have been used for mining, but it's hard to know which ones were and the ones that weren't. Vague and empty product descriptions also don't help.