Panasonic announces Toughbook 33 2-in-1 detachable laptop powered by Windows 10

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Apr 21, 2016
Inspired by mobile professionals, it features a 3:2 display and is designed to meet MIL-STD-810G and IP65 standards to perform in even the most extreme conditions.


Panasonic Toughbook 33 2-in-1: Panasonic Toughbook 33 2-in-1 in attached flip mode

With Windows 10, this device arrives built-in with Cortana* – your digital personal assistant who can help you complete tasks, set reminders, and work across your devices more productively. For workers operating in extreme conditions, these hands-free options offer important flexibility. The touchscreen, 3:2 display and IP55 digitizer pen allow you to use Windows Ink for drawing or signature accuracy on the screen, as well as writing or highlighting web pages in Microsoft Edge, even in the toughest of weather conditions. You can also login quickly and securely with Windows Hello using either the infrared webcam with facial recognition or the fingerprint reader.


Panasonic Toughbook 33 Detached: Panasonic Toughbook 33 2-in-1 in detached mode showcasing keyboard and screen

The Toughbook 33 2-in-1 laptop is built for maximum mobility with two twin hot-swappable batteries that provide 10 hours of battery life, or up to 20 with the Long Life Battery configuration – enough to ensure uptime for even the most demanding jobs. Tablet Mode in Windows 10 delivers a smooth, touch-first experience; your apps will scale smoothly, and onscreen features will adapt for easy navigation on this 2-in-1. This device provides six flexible usage modes, designed to ensure the device offers the flexibility today’s workers demand and offers two keyboards to choose from to accommodate the unique needs of mobile professionals.


Panasonic Toughbook 33: Panasonic Toughbook 33 folded in tablet mode with screen showing

Other features of the Panasonic Toughbook 33 with Windows 10 include:

  • 1080p webcam and an 8MP rear camera
  • Up to 10 hours battery life, or up to 20 with the optional Long Life Battery configuration; twin-battery design for hot-swap battery replacement
  • 256GB SSD with heater (optional 512GB), 8GB onboard RAM (optional 16GB)
  • Choice of Barcode or Serial (true) or 2nd USB, Choice of Insertable SmartCard or Contactless Smartcard or Fingerprint readers
  • 12.0” 3:2 QHD 2160×1440 wide-view angle display with direct bonding, and a 1200 nit sunlight-viewable screen
  • Magnesium alloy chassis, MIL-STD-810G and IP65 all-weather design, in addition
  • Available with two different vehicle docks for new deployments: a tablet vehicle dock and a 2-in-1 vehicle dock. For Panasonic’s large customer installation base of Toughbook 31 vehicle docks, Panasonic is also offering a drop-in-replacement 31 Vehicle Dock Adapter (VDA) with removable Lite Keyboard.

Pricing and Availability: The Panasonic Toughbook 33 2-in-1 laptop with Windows 10 comes with the detachable Premium Keyboard for those looking for the flexibility of a 2-in-1, but can also be purchased as a tablet only. The Toughbook 33 will be available from authorized Panasonic resellers later this month starting around $3,649.

*Cortana available in select markets.


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Feb 13, 2017
Great machine, I've seen my colleagues using the old model in a quite rude is a "tank".;)
All good except for one thing: the price.:oops: