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Avtest 100% said nothing... Test with 1500 MALWARE OR 10.000 SAID NOTHING.
Because every day there are 1000 2000 new malware in www.

A good antivirus should:
Block malware website. Phishing. Compromised server and c&c
Update in 1 hour definition in case of zero days ransomware.
Have firewall that block and alert when exe file want go out after scan and rules.

About panda? Lol they not catch and detect keybtc.btc ransomare bat filedecode and they are the best?
They non detect a lot of pua and pup and they are the best?

I said that for all antivirus software house that claims better..

No antivirus are better... Only the man that is on pc can do the difference


You can trust a professional company more then you can trust an amateur YouTube video. People complain to complain. Members watch a YouTube test video posted here. Panda fails. Then AVC gives Panda 100% detection rate. So everyone starts rubber stamping that Panda paid off AVC. Keep this in mind. No one will ever take a YouTube video seriously. Especially one created by a young teen who is too bashful to speak and uses music to puff up his video. FYI. I mute all those videos anyways. Wilders Security has banned such unprofessional videos for a reason. As well as Avast has banned them.
I see above all the rage ...

I put music because I do not speak a word in English in speech, stop saying anything .....
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