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Dec 6, 2019
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Dec 20, 2019
Panda Dome Advanced
Number of licenses
To enter this giveaway
- You need to have at least 3 posts in our community.
- You need to post your Computer Security Configuration and link it to your account, as seen here.
- Share the link from this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter
Terms and Conditions
- Our forum policy has always been one account per person, anyone detected by our giveaway system of entering using multiple accounts will be automatically disqualified
- One entry per member. Posting multiple times within the thread is not allowed and you will be disqualified. For debates about this product, use the dedicated forum in our community
- Members that are using programs that hides the real IP address, are asked to temporarily turn it off when entering this giveaway. If we detect that a member has entered this giveaway from a VPN service the post will be removed, and member banned from our future giveaways
- These license keys are for personal use only. By entering this giveaway, you agree not to trade or resell your product key.
- Winners will be randomly chosen on the last day of the giveaway
Giveaway Page

This thread can be used to ask questions or disscus about this product. To enter this giveaway, go to the giveaway page and click on the "Enter giveaway" button.

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We would like to thank our friends at SerialCart for giving us the opportunity to give away 3 (three) 1 Year licenses for Panda Dome Advanced. 1 license can be activated on 1 device.
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Everything you need to know about how to properly enter MalwareTips Official Giveaways is written in the thread linked below. Every question that may arise will be answered there. In case, you are unsure what to do, please contact one of the staff members for help.

The shortened version of it:

1. Create a thread with your current computer security setup in the Computer Security Configuration forum, then add the link to your account details. After you have done this, a computer icon will be shown at the top right part of your posts and will be linked to your computer security configuration thread. If you already have a Computer Configuration thread from the current year, do not make another one, just link it to your account.

2. Share the giveaway link on Twitter or Facebook. If you win a license key, you will need to send us the link to your Facebook or Twitter share via a private message. Giveaway needs to be shared in the period when the giveaway is open, and Facebook and Twitter share set to public so we can verify them. Shares posted after the giveaway has ended and winners announced will be considered as cheating and will disqualify you from the current and all the future MalwareTips giveaways.

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ı am new ı dont know anything......can you help can ı enter code.....where can ı enter code.....
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