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You no longer need to spend hours performing tedious, complicated re-installations when buying or upgrading your PC. Take all the best from the system you’re used to – and simply move it to the new environment. Use Drive Copy 11 Professional for fast, efficient computer migrations of any software/hardware combination, from any source, to any target.

Key features

1. New Retained (Hybrid) GPT disk and gain access to the entire HDD capacity;
2. Take advantage of SSD drives. Migrate OS to SSD wizard performs fast and safe Windows migrations to new storage devices (HDD or SSD);
3. Move to 3TB drive. Traditional MBR partitioning schemes do not work with HDD bigger than 2.2TB. Drive Copy 11 allows you to use 100% of high-capacity drives;
4. Automatic alignment. Automatically aligns partitions to boost drive performance;
5. P2V Copy. Migrate a Windows XP/Vista/7 physical system to a virtual environment;
6. Support for USB 3.0.

* Automatic partition alignment is always active during create/move operations, active during redistribute free space/resize operations only when the left partition boundary is affected, active during copy/restore operations with resize only.

Limitations: WinPE recovery media is not included in this download
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