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Full info: Patch “D” for KAVKISKTSKFA 2017 / KFP 6.0 / KSOS 5.0 / KSeC 1.0 - Kaspersky Lab Forum
Testable fixes and features:
∙ Bug 1824683:[Patch_B] There is a klif error in event logs.
∙ Bug 1937847:SUPPORT: Incorrect bases time in product GUI.
∙ Bug 1937853:[Forum][2016MR1][de-DE] Impossible to enter "at" symbol for e-mail address and password by German keyboard
∙ Bug 1965111:[KIS][KSDE] Product adds deleted KSDE icon on the desktop after KIS update
∙ Bug 1982571:[Upgrade]: All of the settings not saved after upgrade product from 2017 MR0 to MR1_exit product before upgrade
∙ Bug 2016380:[Upgrade] KIS, KS files for upgrde.exe present after installation KS 2018 over KIS 2017

Compatibility fixes:
∙ Requirement 1857953:[BRQ][Windows 10]Product shall pass RS2 AppCompat tests
∙ Requirement 1950890:[BRQ][KSOS] Product shall pass RS2 AppCompat tests
∙ Requirement 1867184:[BRQ][Windows 10]product shall pass RS2 perf tests
∙ Requirement 1991291:[BRQ][Windows 10]product with valid licence shall start earlier than Defender after user's migration to windows 10
∙ Requirement 2011692:[BRQ][KSOS] product with valid licence shall start earlier than Defender after user's migration to Windows 10
∙ Requirement 1767324:[BRQ] Support DropBox API v2 for Backup
∙ Requirement 2022044:[BRQ][Windows 10][DSA]DSA logic shall be OFF by default on RS2
∙ Bug 1890435:[KSDE][IE11][Compatibility] Endless animation of connection in browser after connect to HTTPS site from exclusion
∙ Bug 1916341:[2017 MR0] Our certificate cannot be installed on FF 49.0.2
∙ Bug 1967106:SUPPORT: Can not successfully upload photos to Facebook.
∙ Bug 1937836:Support: With active script injection there is no possibilty to use menus on
∙ Bug 1991565:[SUPPORT] Screenshot protection does not work
∙ Bug 2002105:SUPPORT: Unable to use our products and VipNet together

Special bugs and features (where special environment or infrastructure is needed):
∙ Bug 1931624:[PROD][KSDE] KSDE can't connect to VPN-Infrastructure on Prod
∙ Bug 1946178:[KLJ][KSOS]WebAV: PoliceDecision block page is not displayed
∙ Bug 1963629: DUMP: klim6!InPkt_Deref_877C873B
∙ Bug 1966050:SUPPORT: Components fails to start with error 2252603408
∙ Bug 1966510:SUPPORT: router page can't be opened when KIS is enabled
∙ Bug 1967313:Updates are not installed automatically (during auto search) (2017 MR0)
∙ Bug 1909672: PatchMan:App:Foxit reader does not updated if you run it after start of updating (Report install error: 0x8000004b)(OnPackageDownloadEnd. result = 0x80010104)
∙ Bug 1978248: DUMP: KasperskyLab.UI.Core.Guard!Argument_A92D7DE2
∙ Bug 1986866:Support: Internet connection periodically lost with active antivirus
∙ Bug 2007436: DUMP: ksdeuimain!InitializeServiceManager_C5FE0900
∙ Bug 2011890: DUMP: bl!Upgrade_262C202E
∙ Bug 2040253:Support: Cannot activate product with provider password
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There is no info about it yet... rumours say end of April, after W10 Creators Update... but only speculations...

Also, in every new release the new home product version comes (almost at the same time than the official release) with a "Patch A", but this time They changed their development schedule so...:confused:
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