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More info: Patch “F” for KAV/KIS/KTS 2016MR1 / KFA 2016 / KFP 5.0 - Kaspersky Lab Forum

Testable fixes and features:
• Bug 1795585:[KLJ]Update: klif error "Client registration has failed" in the system event log
• Bug 1817640:[SUPPORT] Certificate verification problem detected: 0x000000ff Safe Money error
• Bug 1834463:[Forum][Vulnerability Scan] VLC player is not excluded from vulnerability scan result even after update
• Bug 1868911:[GUI][Windows 10] Wrong text is shown in toast related to out of date databases
• Bug 1868929:[GUI][Windows 10] Wrong text is shown in toast related to extremely out of date databases

Compatibility fixes:
• Bug 1848057:[2016 MR1 patch F][Web-AV] URL-Advisor does not mark search results on yandex.ru
• Bug 1882638: DUMP: Open and close VK on Windows 10 rs2 14946 x86: DomainBoundILStubClass!IL_STUB_CLRtoCOM_BBEF29AD