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Full info: Patch “H” for KAVKISKTSKFA 2017 / KFP 6.0 / KSOS 5.0 / KSeC 1.0
Fixes and features:
Bug 2299475:[Browser plugin] Proposal to install plugin in IE on Windows 10 appears after update on patch F
Bug 2338666:SUPPORT: opens very slow with enabled Web-AV
Bug 2360235 Dumps in IPM scenarios

Compatibility fixes:
Requirement 2017931:[BRQ][Windows 10] new AMPW compliance
Requirement 2127664:[BRQ][FF] Compatibility with FF 57
Requirement 2225929:[BRQ] KSOS5. RS3 full support
Requirement 2225937:[BRQ] KSOS5 should support Windows 10 RS3
Requirement 2225942:[BRQ] KSOS5 RS3 app compat tests
Requirement 2254145:[BRQ][Windows 10] RS3 support
Requirement 2349362:[BRQ][PDK] trafmon.xml - support exclusions by application versions
Bug 2171978:KSDE: The base product 19 is not compatible with the KSDE 1.0
Bug 2337454:[KAVKIS 2017][SafeBrowser] Google Chrome beta (61.0) opens Internet Explorer SafeBrowser or doesn't start any SafeBrowser at all
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