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Full info: Patch C for KAVKISKTSKFA 2019 / KS 2.0 / VPN 3.0 / KSOS 6.0 / KFP 6.5

Scope features:
∙ Requirement 2760111: [BRQ][Windows 10] Support Windows 10 RS5
∙ Requirement 2760172: [BRQ] KSOS6 should support Windows 10 RS5
∙ Requirement 2921098: [BRQ] Full support of Server 2019
∙ Requirement 2938574: [BRQ][SAAS] Change links for purchase buttons in KSC Free
∙ Requirement 2820452: [BRQ] Upgrade to KSOS6
∙ Requirement 2690759: [BRQ][PERF] Do not use low priority & CPU limits in case of very long update
∙ Requirement 2696320: [BRQ][TFU ]Подхват языка при апгрейде на мультиязычную сборку
∙ Requirement 2820701: [BRQ][SaaS] Change ?Target for MyKaspersky link in product UI
Fixed problems:
∙ Bug 2902584: Продукт отправляет BSOD'ы не для всех продуктовых драйверов
∙ Bug 2557749: GUI:Help: help page is not correct for scan schedule
∙ Bug 2871252: DUMP: System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher!VerifyAccess_5D772A16
∙ Bug 2439383: DUMP: KasperskyLab.UI.Core.Guard!IsNotNull[[System.__Canon,mscorlib]]_A1389AC2
∙ Bug 2813826: DUMP: avpuimain!GetInterface<prague_IPragueTmUiFacadeFactory>_F73F0CA5
∙ Bug 2871837: [ZTUU][Licensing]: There is no more one possible update without license if zero time update is finished after product start
∙ Bug 2821158: [zh-Hant-TW+en-TW] [KTS] [Upgrade ] Chinese text in English
∙ Bug 2899373: [SUPPORT][2019 Patch C] Cannot change language with Shift+F12 after patch B in Kaspersky 2019.
∙ Bug 2954633: [SUPPORT] [Patch C] after updating to the patch (b) antivirus does not start automatically
∙ Bug 2955481: [MUI] wrong product type after migration from KIS to KFA
∙ Bug 2769382: [KSDE] Product displays toast/baloon about activation of subscripotion after each restart of windows
∙ Bug 2830153: [KSC][Free tier] kpc-license-ownership parameter in buy/renew redirection links after downgrade to Free tier does not meet the DM's requirements
∙ Bug 2825192: [KLOP] The KLOP not works after restart OS.
∙ Bug 2924302: [KLJ][2019 patch C] Police Decision URL opens blank page
∙ Bug 2961934: [KIS 2019 for Nifty] [Links] License window: link to the purchase offer is not deleted
∙ Bug 2920088: [KFP][DeviceGuard] Unable to install product on RS4\RS5 with enabled DG. Operation failed
∙ Bug 2894440: [ar-AE] [KTS] [uninstall] move location of text and picture from right to left
∙ Bug 2836622: [2019 patch] DUMP: chrome_child_756DA0AB
∙ Bug 2922993: [2019 patch C][RS4] webcam control not working with update 17134.191
∙ Bug 2832666: [2019 patch C] The product after the BSOD with PatchGuard does not show the dialog "previous launch was not successful"
∙ Bug 2962937: [2019 patch C] DUMP: app_control_prague!impersonate_2B7759CF
∙ Bug 2764980: [2019 patch C] [nb-NO] SaaS 2.0 Main window. "Upgrade package" button corrupted
∙ Bug 2765006: [2019 patch C] [lv-LV] KSOS Time are not displayed fully
∙ Bug 2718017: [2018_Patch_H][TFU]Failed to upgrade from 2018_Patch_H to 2019 TR on WinXP x86 sp3


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Hum... a few days ago I also started to get some BSOD after start of the system... but I have also getting some "Windows Updates" updates... the last one yesterday evening... and today I didn't get any BSOD... who was the guilty? Kaspersky or any Windows Update? :unsure::unsure:

Update: I forgot to say that it was with KTS2020 beta!
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