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Does anyone know whether patch E really fixed the broken windows update issue, without causing further issues? I tried patch E beta when it first came out, and it was buggy.


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This is the changelog from the beta thread, but not sure whether it is the final one:
Fixes and features:
∙ Bug 2366047:Support: K cuts download speed on high-speed connections
∙ Bug 2377442:SUPPORT: Loop detect. Unable to eliminate the malware.
∙ Bug 2452421:Support: Windows Update stops to work if KIS2018 is installed
∙ Bug 2457497:[SUPPORT] Error with getting news "Internet connection is missing"
∙ Bug 2409999:[2018][KSN] Product_full_version in InstallEvent and UninstallEvent stats does not contain patch letter
∙ Bug 2430448: DUMP: KSNStat_--->_[installType_=_1][errCat_=_3][errCode_=_3758161925]_01D2A567
∙ Bug 2440928:[Web-AV] Part of the site content can not be loaded if Web-AV enabled
∙ Bug 2457523: DUMP: klflt!EvpLookupEventDataAtDpcLevel_B881F9F2
∙ Bug 2459495:[KSC] Back button displayed in activation wizard if product does not have license

Compatibility fixes:
∙ Requirement 2384002:[BRQ][Windows 10] fix problems with (ghost) toasts notifications
∙ Requirement 2403679:[BRQ][VPN][Win][VPN 2.0 patch E][Windows 10]fix problems with (ghost) toasts notifications
∙ Bug 2449662:[2018 patch E][ZDC] Firefox Nightly (58.0a1) failed to load https sites