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Tho one should take such reviews with a pinch of salt, it is interesting to see such reviews and then compare to others/compare to your own experience.

Full article here

Opinion: Some bias is present, but then again, it is hard to find a totally impartial review.
However, I still would rather read PCMag articles over PC Advisor when it comes to software reviews. At least they have more info. Example below

PC Advisor Panda Free AV review
PCMag Panda Free AV review

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interesting point to be noted why this review is just a blank page-filler or an "article-my-boss-asked-me-to-do"

It’s not possible to compare Webroot’s offering with the others in terms of AV efficacy, as we have no test results, but the company’s claim to scan fast and leave a light impression looks fair.
basically the author uses others test to do his review...pointless.
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I see no test the AV/IS but only a list of 15-1, How was Rated?
I think not the it on Based on testdata