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I could see if they used the term "Antivirus" loosely as meaning "free security". However then why not include Malwarebytes Antimalware or at least MBAM free instead of anti-exploit.You could put many other better free software in this considering all the comparison Features.
Many of these are old reviews used for a 2015 side by side comparison ?? Ad-aware free and no Avira free ??
I guess you have to just take it for what its worth! A free comparison!


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It seems that there wasn't much thought in making that article. It looks like they simply sorted the reviews into the following categories:
1. security
2. rating (high rating -> low rating)
And just make the article with the first 9 free products.

It's bad enough that they consider MBAE an antivirus. But to rank it as 3rd place. Wow.
i only see 6 good avs in that list

This is funny. Bitdefender free has behavior blocker.
I don't understand MBAE which is not antivitus is third?
Avast has website rating. Test of URL detection is incomplete.
And finally: Panda is best? WTF?
Really a bad joke
panda is not that bad at all its a heavy weight contender to avast avg avira for free avs
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PCMag shows an aggregate AV test lab score of 5 for BitDefender Free.

BitDefender Free has never been tested by any AV labs... ever... as far as I can find.

In any case, the argument is the BitDefender Free uses the same technology as BitDefender's flag-ship products.

While that may be true, I remain unconvinced of BitDefender Free's capabilities... maybe it would have made a difference if it would work correctly on my W8.1 AMD system.

If I had to choose one from the comparison, it would be Avast! Free.