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Level 7
Hello Everyone,

I have been using personal expense tracker for the past few years I am really glad that I started down this path. I started trying out a few Android apps and see which one suits my needs and I feel comfortable using, So I settled with "Wallet" app, It was perfect for me and still is.
But after using it for a few months I hit the restriction of 3 accounts max. it is more than enough for most (even for me TBH but I like to keep track of all my accounts balance's and not just expense history of them), So I subscribed to their yearly plan with the mindset of "they deserve the money for this wonderful app".

Now, My subscription ends in less than a month and due to financial difficulties, Conversion rates in my country and the fact that their support team is very disappointing I decided to start creating my own Google Sheet "Personal Finance" file for continuing with my expense booking.

After using this for a month now (Because I wanted to make sure I feel comfortable using google sheets as a replacement before my subscription runs out) and making few versions and editing everything to my liking, I decided to share my template with you guys here.


-If you like this template just press the "Like" button or leave a simple "thank you" reply.
-I have created a few sample entries for you to see how it would look.
-Rename/Remove Cash/Accounts entry to your needs.
-This a monthly sheet, so at the start of each month, I make a copy of the template, Rename it to that month and add starting balances from last month's ending balance entry and start recording.
-I am no guru at this but if you want a little modification to this and cannot do it yourself just send me a PM and do not clutter the thread.
-If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to read them, leave a reply.
-I will update the sheet if I make any modifications to my own and will update the thread.