Security Alert Phishing campaign uses math symbols to evade detection


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Apr 24, 2016
Phishing actors are now using mathematical symbols on impersonated company logos to evade detection from anti-phishing systems.

One notable case spotted by analysts at INKY involves the spoofing of Verizon, a large U.S.-based telecommunication service provider.

In this case, the actors are using a square root symbol, a logical NOR operator, or the checkmark symbol itself, all helping to create a slight optical differentiation that could trick AI-based spam detectors.
When you receive email of this kind, proper scrutiny is an important factor to not falling victims to these scams. Never click on embedded buttons, always validate the URL of the site you’re about to enter any credentials, and finally, consider the realism of the situation.

In this case, a message from Verizon is urging recipients to enter their Office365 credentials, which does not make sense in this situation. If the contents of an email do not make sense for whatever reason, it's usually phishing and the email should be junked.