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I did not upload the FRST.txt logs
i use windows 7 and i have important files on my computer that i need and my computer is infected with some sort of virus i tried everything i could and gave up not knowing what to do so i came here for help i got the virus from the link in the description of this youtube video
don't use the link in the description of the video if you don't want a virus but basically what the virus is a application inside of a rar file and when you open the application it gives you viruses and random programs open up at random times i got a image of the logo for the programs if that helps at all
i even downloaded multiple antivirus things that i cant get to show anything i downloaded bit defender and couldn't get it to open and i got avast and it would stop scanning at a certain number and stay at that number and never go up so i can't get them to show me where the viruses are and remove them if someone can help me please let me know i will be checking this page if anyone said anything i first got the virus on 8/10/2018 if that can help and the virus lags my computer alot and makes it very very slow as well as something called weights i do not know what weights is at the moment but stuff pops up saying that weights is not responding and if i want to close it or not when i get more images and get more screenshots of stuff from this virus i will edit this and put the new images on edit: i found a page on this same site that might help me get rid of this virus i think i identified what this certain virus is
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